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Research project

The aims of the Learn to Enable research:

There are several parts to the research that this project will undertake.

  • involve the disability community to help us understand the everyday digital barriers they face

  • identify the underpinning baseline awareness and skills needed within wider society that could make a difference for digital accessibility at scale

  • identify what can be taught to raise awareness and basic skills in schools or education settings

  • provide different sectors guidance material to help with accessibility awareness education as well as digital content in the workplace

This research will explore the underpinning digital accessibility awareness and basic skills everyone needs to know in society. Understanding what these are could assist people when there are barriers or disabilities to do with vision, hearing, physical and cognitive.

Four yellow circles containing icons of an eye, an ear, a person in a wheel chair and a head

This research will aim to then categorise these needs to support those in education or the workplace. The long-term aim is to raise digital accessibility awareness at scale, and for everyone in society to be able to apply some basic principles to digital content.

It is hoped this research could help inform the school curriculum as well as act as a baseline standard for everyday awareness and digital practices in the workplace

Four yellow circles containing the individual icons that represent a document, presentation, social media and audio visual

This project began in January 2023 and aims to run for five years. We have several research volunteers contributing to this work and as information emerges we will share our findings and thoughts.

Our current research activity is focusing on the aspect of digital accessibility awareness education within schools.

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