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Did you know?

According to the office of national statistics census in 2021 nearly one in five people had some form of disability in England and Wales.

Five acorns in a row all but one are in a black and white tone, one of five is shaded in yellow

And did you know if it wasn’t for inventions developed for the disability community we would not have half of the useful things we have today. 

This great video made by PwC shows just a few.

You can also watch the You're welcome video with full audio description

Everyday items

All of these everyday things we now take for granted, but were originally designed or developed because of disabilities:


  • curb cuts

  • bendy straws

  • automatic doors

  • typewriter

  • electric toothbrushes

Read about five everyday items originally designed to help people with disabilities

The technology we now take for granted

  • texting

  • captions on videos

  • voice recognition e.g. Alexa

  • speech to text or text to speech tools

Just consider this, without tech designed for people with disabilities, we might not have these inventions today

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