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Learn about digital accessibility

Basic concepts of 'why' as well as 'how'


Preparing our next generation to be digitally accessible isn't just about learning digital accessibility skills, it's also about learning why adopting them is so important to prevent barriers. 

We all have a responsibility:


  • to be inclusive

  • to make reasonable adjustments

  • to prevent everyday barriers we may all face

By learning some basic knowledge and learning some simple digital skills we can all help to reduce digital barriers. Nowadays most people even from a young age make some form of digital content such as:

  • documents

  • presentations

  • videos

  • social media posts

Use these sections of the website to learn about digital accessibility 

Learn about models of accessibility

Learn about some basic models of disability as well as why digital accessibility is important to everyone.

Everyday digital barriers

Everyone can face barriers at some point in their life, so its important to know digital accessibility can benefit everyone

Did you know there are many things we use in our everyday lives that were invented because of disability, but benefit everyone

Did you know?

Want to know more?

This website is only aimed at a beginners level and does not cover all aspects of digital accessibility.

Further information can be found at the bigger picture of accessibility.

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