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Video captions

It is estimated that there are approximately 11 million people in this country with a hearing loss which makes it the second most common disability in the UK. Find out more at hearing link services,

Captions can help those with hearing impairments engage with video content. However, captions are useful to everyone. Around 85% of all social media videos are now watched without sound? 

Captions are universal

Captions mean more people can engage with video content.

Captions are useful if:

  • sound doesn't work or sound quality is poor

  • you can't use sound because you might disturb people

  • you can't hear sound

  • you are learning a new language or literacy skills

Read about the full benefits of adding captions

Captions are easy to add

Captions can be added or autogenerated by many online video and conferencing tools. The video show how captions are added to YouTube videos.

It is best to check autogenerated captions on videos to ensure they have captured the right words as sometimes they are not always 100% correct and need updating.

This great website gives some great advice and guidance on using captions.

How to add:

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